My services was actually a wedding present for Claudie and Max, they only found out about a week beforehand that I would be there on their wedding day to film it. It was  Claudie’s maid of honour that had organised the whole thing together with a group of friends and family. I think that is just such a great idea! What better gift than the gift of all those amazing once-in-a-lifetime-memories captured and made into a film for them to enjoy for years to come? The whole day was awesome and I can tell you it was one heck of a party!

Truly fabulous people!

Memories from honeymoon

We went on honeymoon to Borneo. I decided to bring one of my Super 8 cameras with me, just to shoot whenever I felt like it. No pressure and just for fun and for the silly stuff. I thought that maybe I could edit a little something out of it, something to remember the laziness and the many pina coladas Keith was drinking.

It turned out like this:



A while ago I got asked to shoot a behind the scenes promo video for the coolest wedding fair around, A Most Curious Wedding Fair. It was a lush day and we had a ball. Here is the result. I’d bloody love to get my hands on one of those kimonos!


Another year wiser

When I look back at 2014 I do so with a huge smile on my face. So many amazing things went down and I will always remember 2014 as a huge year. I got hitched! I’m a wife. That’s major stuff! Words are not enough, I just can’t describe the utter happiness and bliss swirling around everything on that day. It felt like a dream. I finally know how all my brides feel on their wedding day.

During 2014 I’ve shared some pretty amazing memories with brides and grooms all over the place, and I’m really excited for the 2015 season to kick off. For now, I will share a couple of sweet weddings from last summer.

Life’s in session.







This is the story about the day when Charlotte and Stuart got hitched. Charlotte is a photographer and Stuart is a filmmaker so I was so excited to be chosen to capture their wedding day. This wedding was a real labour of love, set in the stunning English countryside. It was a real privilege to be there to celebrate the love of this rad couple.

Love rocks!


Suzi and John’s wedding was so amazing I don’t really know where to begin. Firstly, this couple and their family and friends are simply the best bunch of people ever. Secondly, it was taking place in the beautiful hills of Tuscany. It was one of the most stunning places I’ve ever seen. As you can probably tell I am just blown away.

This one is for the sheer loveliness of it all.

the season of love

It’s official -my couples are the best people ever.

I’ve loved every minute of capturing their stories and its been one heck of a ride. In a week I am kicking off this exciting season and my first stop is Tuscany, Italy. It will be epic! To celebrate the beginning of the season I’ve put together this reel of love.

Be ready for kisses galore and happiness overload.

Bridal inspiration

I offered to shoot some stills for my friend Amanda’s makeup portfolio. We set up camp in my back garden and armed ourselves with packs of chocolate digestives and 1000 cups of tea. The model/bride is our friend Katja (damn my friends are talented) who I think look a bit like Kate Hudson in Almost Famous in these photos. I really love the idea of this effortlessly cool bride in a short lace dress. Fun with friends -life’s in session.