My Mum..

..has a cafe.

My mother and my aunt had been thinking about starting something together. In the summer of 2012 they did.

They started a little cafe. But it is much more than your regular cafe. While their guests wait for their coffee to be served they can pop upstairs to see exhibitions and discover little rooms filled with second hand clothes and shoes for sale. My mums doll collection is there, so is her handmade pillows. Together they scouted around markets for old pretty furniture, cutlery and cups, so all you see in there you can actually buy. All the cakes, pastry and sweets are homemade. They also decided to make the coffee on the hob like in the old days. My aunt makes the best cakes ever, and my mum is absolutely amazing at creating spaces where people want to be. I think it’s one of her great gifts, to create atmospheres where people feel good. She’s also a wizard at making things and sewing and basically all handicrafts. Well I just love her. She’s awesome. They both are.

So when I was back home a few days in the summer I made this little video for them.

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