My friend Lisa

..bakes cakes.

You know the kind of wedding cakes that look absolutely stunning, but when you have a taste they are as juicy as a plastered wall and tastes like paper and dried fruit? My friend Lisa does not make those kinds of cakes. Lisa bakes cakes. And she bakes them good. And when I say good I mean gooood.¬†They don’t just look amazing, they taste like a little slice of heaven too.

I wanted to take the opportunity to shout about her. I can’t believe that I haven’t done it sooner so here we go. Lisa is pure awesomeness. If you are getting married, throwing a party or just want to eat cake you should definitely get it touch with this lady. She is based in my home country Sweden but she loves to travel. Especially to make cakes. Actually she doesn’t make just cakes, she puts together stunning dessert tables too and she can whisk together almost anything you want for your big day. Her company is called “cakes and more” and you can find them here.

She will make mine and Keith’s wedding cake and dessert table. Wow!

Here is one her dessert tables. It rocks.

Lisas pic

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