Save The Date

Me and my man is getting married next year in Sweden. We know it’s a big commitment for our guests to travel all that way. So we wanted to give them all a heads up on date and place so I thought of making a video that we would email around. I realised we had to make some kind of stop motion type thing since I could’t both film and be in the video. We found a couple of old barn doors up on mum and dads farm and “voila” -we had ourselves a little save the date video. The doors will hang on the wall of the barn where we will have the party. Man I’m looking forward to that party!

After this I thought I’d offer to make Save The Date videos for people. So I did. I made one for my friends Sophia and Jorel.

Ps. And yep, that is probably the worst Eiffel Tower anyone has ever painted.





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