Harriet and Jamie. One word. Awesome.

I returned to a venue where I’ve filmed before, Norwich cathedral. It is just so majestic. Stunning. The reception was held at the weird and wonderful Voewood House. I could have spent many hours just walking around the gigantic mansion to look at all the art and strange things that is just spread out everywhere in there. You’d think that a cluster like that, with stuff absolutely everywhere wouldn’t work, but it does at Voewood House. Mesmerising and eccentric. I loved it.

I should also confess that I had a serious case of dress envy when I saw Harriets wedding dress. It is gorgeous and right up my street.

Save The Date

Me and my man is getting married next year in Sweden. We know it’s a big commitment for our guests to travel all that way. So we wanted to give them all a heads up on date and place so I thought of making a video that we would email around. I realised we had to make some kind of stop motion type thing since I could’t both film and be in the video. We found a couple of old barn doors up on mum and dads farm and “voila” -we had ourselves a little save the date video. The doors will hang on the wall of the barn where we will have the party. Man I’m looking forward to that party!

After this I thought I’d offer to make Save The Date videos for people. So I did. I made one for my friends Sophia and Jorel.

Ps. And yep, that is probably the worst Eiffel Tower anyone has ever painted.





Vishal + Tonima

Vishal and Tonima got married at the beautiful urban oasis the Barbican Centre in London. What a day it was! A sweet couple madly in love and lots of family and friends makes a pretty darn great wedding. It was a big day for love. Cheers for having me guys -it was awesome!

Engin + Angelica

First and last. That is the story of Engin and Angelica. They met when they were only 14, and it’s been them ever since. This adorable couple are truly made for each other and I couldn’t be happier to have been given the opportunity to travel once again, this time to my home country Sweden, to capture their beautiful day. Engin and Angelica, this one’s yours.

Charlie + Nick

I met this smashing couple in the spring at the Most Curious Wedding Fair. They met in their year 4 class at primary school. On the 22nd June they promised each other a lifetime of love. A few tears, much laughter and a heck of a party. These ones have something special. This is their day.

My friend Lisa

..bakes cakes.

You know the kind of wedding cakes that look absolutely stunning, but when you have a taste they are as juicy as a plastered wall and tastes like paper and dried fruit? My friend Lisa does not make those kinds of cakes. Lisa bakes cakes. And she bakes them good. And when I say good I mean gooood. They don’t just look amazing, they taste like a little slice of heaven too.

I wanted to take the opportunity to shout about her. I can’t believe that I haven’t done it sooner so here we go. Lisa is pure awesomeness. If you are getting married, throwing a party or just want to eat cake you should definitely get it touch with this lady. She is based in my home country Sweden but she loves to travel. Especially to make cakes. Actually she doesn’t make just cakes, she puts together stunning dessert tables too and she can whisk together almost anything you want for your big day. Her company is called “cakes and more” and you can find them here.

She will make mine and Keith’s wedding cake and dessert table. Wow!

Here is one her dessert tables. It rocks.

Lisas pic

Enter Dwight.

Well. As you can probably tell I haven’t updated the website for a while. This has happened mainly because of two things: 1. Me and my man have moved house. Which is exhausting to say the least. It is then one realises exactly how much rubbish one collects over time. Frightening. 2. We now have a new family member in the household. His name is Dwight. He is an extremely charming young chap that lives to snuggle.

He found us at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home. We were there looking around for a potential new family member and he simply had us at “hello”.

Welcome Dwight. You’re awesome.



Second hand findings

Ahhhh… Just look at them! So lovely! I found these two at a second hand market in Gipsy Hill the other week. Imagine a cup of hot chocolate in one of these, complete with matching saucers. Bliss!

My man and I are moving to a new place in the beginning of February and I can’t wait to roam around the vintage, second hand, charity shops and flea markets in the search of great findings. I am ridiculously excited to nest! Yes I said it, I want to nest! Luckily for me one of my friends feels exactly the same, so the two of us have decided to go on a London nesting tour on the weekends to follow. No doubt some of the purchases will be photographed and put up on here.

Until then, take care of each other.