Memories from honeymoon

We went on honeymoon to Borneo. I decided to bring one of my Super 8 cameras with me, just to shoot whenever I felt like it. No pressure and just for fun and for the silly stuff. I thought that maybe I could edit a little something out of it, something to remember the laziness and the many pina coladas Keith was drinking.

It turned out like this:



A while ago I got asked to shoot a behind the scenes promo video for the coolest wedding fair around, A Most Curious Wedding Fair. It was a lush day and we had a ball. Here is the result. I’d bloody love to get my hands on one of those kimonos!


Bridal inspiration

I offered to shoot some stills for my friend Amanda’s makeup portfolio. We set up camp in my back garden and armed ourselves with packs of chocolate digestives and 1000 cups of tea. The model/bride is our friend Katja (damn my friends are talented) who I think look a bit like Kate Hudson in Almost Famous in these photos. I really love the idea of this effortlessly cool bride in a short lace dress. Fun with friends -life’s in session.



My friend Lisa

..bakes cakes.

You know the kind of wedding cakes that look absolutely stunning, but when you have a taste they are as juicy as a plastered wall and tastes like paper and dried fruit? My friend Lisa does not make those kinds of cakes. Lisa bakes cakes. And she bakes them good. And when I say good I mean gooood. They don’t just look amazing, they taste like a little slice of heaven too.

I wanted to take the opportunity to shout about her. I can’t believe that I haven’t done it sooner so here we go. Lisa is pure awesomeness. If you are getting married, throwing a party or just want to eat cake you should definitely get it touch with this lady. She is based in my home country Sweden but she loves to travel. Especially to make cakes. Actually she doesn’t make just cakes, she puts together stunning dessert tables too and she can whisk together almost anything you want for your big day. Her company is called “cakes and more” and you can find them here.

She will make mine and Keith’s wedding cake and dessert table. Wow!

Here is one her dessert tables. It rocks.

Lisas pic

Enter Dwight.

Well. As you can probably tell I haven’t updated the website for a while. This has happened mainly because of two things: 1. Me and my man have moved house. Which is exhausting to say the least. It is then one realises exactly how much rubbish one collects over time. Frightening. 2. We now have a new family member in the household. His name is Dwight. He is an extremely charming young chap that lives to snuggle.

He found us at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home. We were there looking around for a potential new family member and he simply had us at “hello”.

Welcome Dwight. You’re awesome.



Second hand findings

Ahhhh… Just look at them! So lovely! I found these two at a second hand market in Gipsy Hill the other week. Imagine a cup of hot chocolate in one of these, complete with matching saucers. Bliss!

My man and I are moving to a new place in the beginning of February and I can’t wait to roam around the vintage, second hand, charity shops and flea markets in the search of great findings. I am ridiculously excited to nest! Yes I said it, I want to nest! Luckily for me one of my friends feels exactly the same, so the two of us have decided to go on a London nesting tour on the weekends to follow. No doubt some of the purchases will be photographed and put up on here.

Until then, take care of each other.


My Mum..

..has a cafe.

My mother and my aunt had been thinking about starting something together. In the summer of 2012 they did.

They started a little cafe. But it is much more than your regular cafe. While their guests wait for their coffee to be served they can pop upstairs to see exhibitions and discover little rooms filled with second hand clothes and shoes for sale. My mums doll collection is there, so is her handmade pillows. Together they scouted around markets for old pretty furniture, cutlery and cups, so all you see in there you can actually buy. All the cakes, pastry and sweets are homemade. They also decided to make the coffee on the hob like in the old days. My aunt makes the best cakes ever, and my mum is absolutely amazing at creating spaces where people want to be. I think it’s one of her great gifts, to create atmospheres where people feel good. She’s also a wizard at making things and sewing and basically all handicrafts. Well I just love her. She’s awesome. They both are.

So when I was back home a few days in the summer I made this little video for them.