My Mum..

..has a cafe.

My mother and my aunt had been thinking about starting something together. In the summer of 2012 they did.

They started a little cafe. But it is much more than your regular cafe. While their guests wait for their coffee to be served they can pop upstairs to see exhibitions and discover little rooms filled with second hand clothes and shoes for sale. My mums doll collection is there, so is her handmade pillows. Together they scouted around markets for old pretty furniture, cutlery and cups, so all you see in there you can actually buy. All the cakes, pastry and sweets are homemade. They also decided to make the coffee on the hob like in the old days. My aunt makes the best cakes ever, and my mum is absolutely amazing at creating spaces where people want to be. I think it’s one of her great gifts, to create atmospheres where people feel good. She’s also a wizard at making things and sewing and basically all handicrafts. Well I just love her. She’s awesome. They both are.

So when I was back home a few days in the summer I made this little video for them.

Shooting, meeting and greeting!

Wow! One week has gone by since A Most Curious Wedding Fair. It was so much fun to meet so many sweet couples and all the other exhibitors. I had a blast!

I brought my fiancé Keith and my dear friend Katja to be my sidekicks and together we decorated the stand, drank tea and ate way too much candy. I couldn’t help browse around the stands for inspiration and ideas for my own wedding, even though its a while away still. There was plenty of inspiration and creativity to go around I tell you. So many creative people in the wedding world. I love it!

I’m super thankful I had my sidekicks with me since I also filmed the fair and the fashion shows. I was running around like a little squirrel capturing everything from cupcakes to backstage action. Keep an eye out for the little video that will be presented soon.



A Most Curious Wedding Fair

I am ridiculously excited about participating in this über cool wedding fair! It is something new, different and a breath of fabulous air blown straight in to the world of everything wedding. At the same time as I am writing this, I am counting pine cones, putting prints in frames and getting my camera gear all fired up for Saturday. Not only will I exhibit at the fair, I will also shoot it. I’ve had my parents and sisters transport Swedish candy, pine cones and various strange things from back home to go in my stand and I am so excited to put it all up on show. Watch this space for lots of coverage from the fair and a full blow by blow post on what I was up to.

Come and see me at the fair this Saturday the 6th of October. It will be a blast!




Zeph + Jemima

We had agreed for me to film their wedding a while back, and we had several email and phone conversations about it, but I had never met Zeph and Jemima before their wedding day. That didn’t matter at all. When I met Jemima and her bridesmaids in the early morning I instantly felt welcomed and I knew straight away we were going to have a good time. What followed was an incredible day with a really mesmerising couple and their lovely family and friends. Their love for each other blew me away.

Handsome Frank tweet-a-brief exhibition

The guys from Handsome Frank Illustration Agency asked me to capture their art exhibition. The idea behind it was that tweeters could tweet briefs for their illustrators to interpret, which later went on show at this exhibition. Brilliant.                               Handsome Frank – probably the best illustration agency there is.

Dave + Elise

Dave and Elise became husband and wife on a sunny day in May. I am so happy to have met this great couple and I wish them all the best in their future life together.


Parts of this wedding are shot on my beloved Super 8 camera. I love the look of it and you will see more of this in my coming weddings.

Tim + Kirsten

These two lovebirds tied the knot at the beautiful Kew Gardens. It was a lovely day filled with love, laughter and great friends. I feel really privileged to have shared their day. Thanks you guys, you’re the best!