So. Why would you want to have a videographer on your wedding? And how is it to have me around? Well. I will leave it up to my couples to give you an idea.


” It’s absolutely breathtakingly beautiful and fabulous and we both LOVE it!!!  Seriously, we’ve watched it countless times already (and then I’ve watched it on my own about an extra 5,347 times!).  I don’t even feel like words can properly describe it…thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou so much!  It was a lovely mix of the sentimental bits and the silly bits 🙂  The music you chose was perfect, and you captured all these amazing little moments that we had missed, plus of course all the beautiful moments we were there and now will never forget. ”


” We were undecided for a long time whether to have a videographer for our wedding, but it was definitely one of the best planning decisions we made. Emmelie is everything you want in a wedding supplier; she is relentlessly enthusiastic, passionate, experienced, reliable, accommodating, creative, stylish and friendly. The service, from start to finish, was completly bespoke and there’s nothing formulaic about footage. Emmelie has an incredible eye for detail, and captured our day in the most beautiful light (the video is almost better than my memory of it!) And not only did she capture wonderful moments, the editing is seamless and glossy. The 4 minute ‘highlights’ clip Emmelie edits, which we were able to post online and share with our friends and family, is another amazing momento. We are very grateful for all her hard work. ”


” We wanted to have a video of the readings and speeches, but Emmelie gave us so much more, with a five minute highlights video to share with friends in addition to the long version. We have watched it again and again and are so happy that we have our memories preserved in this special way. ”


” In the end it was one of the things we were so excited about after the wedding – we kept talking about how we were looking forward to watching it as we kept thinking it would be lovely to see those little moments you can easily miss or you want to savor again! The day goes so quickly and it is so wonderful to be able to watch it again! ”


“We loved the way that it gave a similar and yet slightly different perspective than photos do – for example when you were filming friends and family taking pictures of us and their reactions – rather than just filming us posing for the formal shots. ”


” I was worried initially (if I am totally honest) that it would be uncomfortable or posy to have a videographer following us around all day – but as soon as you arrived in the morning I realised that it would not be anything like that. You flitted around in such an unobtrusive way capturing snap shots of the day and your friendly manner with us and our guests put everyone at ease. It was a pleasure to have you at our wedding. ”







One thought on “Why?

  1. Hi Emmelie
    Just thought I’d say hello. It was lovely to meet you at the All Things Curious Wedding Fair last weekend. I have put a few of my photos on my Justjaq facebook page, including a couple of pictures of your stand.

    I really like your blog page. Keep up the good work and keep in touch.

    Kind Regards

    Jackie Mellor

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